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Our People

Our people will work with your people to provide excellent service on your quality flexible packaging products!
This is our mission and pledge to you!

Paul Eagle

Paul Eagle Paul, a native Cincinnatian, founded Golden Eagle Extrusions, Inc. in 1978, and currently serves as Chairman of the company as well as a member of the Board of Directors. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.B.A. in Marketing and Management from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He brought 17 years of valuable experience in the research, management and marketing of plastics products from Monsanto and Quantum Plastics to his new company. Under his leadership, Golden Eagle has soared to the top in the development of coextruded films and laminated films.

Dave Eagle

Dave Eagle Dave joined Golden Eagle in 1981. Currently Dave is CEO of Golden Eagle and a Board of Directors member, and also serves as a Manufacturer’s Representative. Since he grew up in the business, Dave has immense experience in all of the marketing, manufacturing and distribution segments of our company. This experience, along with a winning attitude that springs for his enthusiasm for racquetball, helps his customers rise to the top of their industry.

Jenny Eagle

Jenny Eagle As the backbone of Golden Eagle since 1984, Jenny is familiar with all aspects of the company and currently serves as President. In this capacity, Jenny oversees the office personnel and customer service department, as well as all financial matters related to the company. Jenny was named President on 11/15/2014, and is also a member of the Board of Directors.

Chad Weikert

Chad Weikert Chad joined the staff of Golden Eagle in 2000 and currently serves as CEO of Golden Eagle Laminations, LLC. In this capacity, Chad oversees all manufacturing operations at our Cincinnati headquarters. He is on the Board of Directors and also serves as an Officer of the company. Chad graduated from Wilmington College, with a BA in Organizational Behavior and has a strong background in sales, prospecting and developing new business.

Pat Delany

Pat Delany Pat has been the driving force in the product development of packaging materials for the bulk bun industry since 1985. His idea to replace cast monofilms with coextrusions for bulk bun wrapping changed the entire industry. These new products help bakeries enhance profits because of their greater sealability, strength and higher yields. Pat continues to bring cutting-edge technology to the industry.

Tim Delany

Tim Delany Since 1990 Tim has brought his knowledge of packaging materials and technology to enhance his customers’ bottom lines. He takes an active role in developing new film formulations that offer superior performance. His ability to solve mechanical problems and minimize technical difficulties through film, leads his customers to call upon his expertise often. Tim is the Technical Director for produce films as well as other food packaging flexible films.

Ron Davenport

Ron Davenport Ron joined Golden Eagle in 1995 as a Manufacturer’s Representative with 17 years’ experience in the manufacturing of consumer plastics foam products such as food service trays and egg cartons. He is qualified in the coextrusion technology we use to outperform conventional films and save our customers money.

Ken Swartz

Ken Swartz Ken joined the Golden Eagle team in March of 2011. Ken has an extensive background selling various films as well as coated and laminated products, dating back to 1975. He founded his own company, Coated Product Sales in 1995 and currently represents Golden Eagle Extrusions, Inc. as an Independent Manufacturer’s Representative, focusing mainly on our extensive selection of lamination products.

Ken and his wife Joan live in Connecticut and have been married for 33 years. Together they have three grown children, a son-in-law, and one granddaughter.

Missy Tully

Missy Tully Missy originally joined Golden Eagle in 1988 in the Accounts Receivable department. She left the company in 1990, but rejoined the Golden Eagle team in 1997. Currently, she is the General Manager, where her duties include Accounts Payable, Payroll and Customer Service With her prior experience Missy found the transition easy.

Tami Tully

Tami Tully Tami joined the Golden Eagle team in December 2001, after working many years in a family accounting business. Her many duties at golden Eagle include Accounts Receivable, general clerical duties and most importantly, Customer Service. Tami was promoted January 2015 to Business Manager of Manufacturing.

Joe Herzog

Joe Herzog Joe was hired in January of 2010, as our Plant Supervisor. Joe has been involved in the packaging industry for almost 30 years. He has immense experience in pouching, slitting, laminating, die-cutting applications extrusion and quality control

Joe previously worked as an Extrusion and Plant Supervisor before joining golden Eagle. He will be responsible for day to day operations of our main manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, scheduling and quality control.

Tony Martin

Tony Martin Tony has been with Golden Eagle since 2010 and has had many roles within the company. He came to us with immense experience in shipping and receiving and as a warehouse lead. He started in our Shipping/Receiving department. He now works in the production department, where his duties include lamination as well as slitting and rewinding functions. He has a great touch on setting up and running the lamination to produce consistently high quality films.

Ron Carpenter

Ron Carpenter Ron has a tremendous amount of experience in managing Inventory as well as shipping and receiving. Ron started with Golden Eagle managing the warehouse and the Shipping and Receiving department. Ron now serves as our Inventory Control Coordinator. In this capacity, Ron is responsible for all facets of our inventory function which include updating and maintaining the inventory management system, tracking the delivery and receipt of all incoming and outgoing material, assigning item numbers and location codes for all incoming product, as well as managing all manufactured and stock products in our inventory and also final packaging and quality inspection of outgoing products to ship safely.

Mike Burse

Mike Burse Mike says “It’s all about the family”. He has been married for 28 years, has a son and daughter and two grandchildren. He joins Golden eagle with many talents in machinery/warehousing and operations. He loves to referee soccer and is a welcome addition to our manufacturing team!

Barry Sullivan

Barry Sullivan Barry is our newest Manufacturer’s Representative. He lives in California and will cover some Western States for Golden Eagle. His wife Lori and sons Brad and Pat plus daughter Annie have their own business in mortgage banking and Real Estate. His sales skills and management skills will be valuable to Golden Eagle and his customers. Barry is hard working, diligent and works closely with people to “get the job done”. WELCOME BARRY