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Film Specifications: Click on each type below to see a specification sheet

Film Specifications

Golden Eagle Extrusions, Inc. is pleased to offer numerous types of custom film laminations. We can manufacture virtually any lamination combination using film, paper or both. For additional information about our lamination specifications, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Lamination Specifications:  

End Uses for Laminated Films
Lidding Films
Lidding Films – Peal Seal to Multiple Substrates
High Barrier
FPL-150 (164 KB)
FPL-150W (165 KB)
FPL-200 (164 KB)
FO-3209 (133 KB)
LFO-15AX (141 KB)
LFO-15AXP (164 KB)
LFO-20AXP (164 KB)
Medium Barrier
LFO-11MA (167 KB)
LFO-06MA (100 KB)
Customized OTR’s
LFO-160P x .0015 (473 KB)
LFO-160P x .002 (142 KB)
MHB-15P (165 KB)
PL-200 (164 KB)
SCW-34P (164 KB)
Lidding Films – Peal Seal to PP Only
LFO-200P (140 KB)
Lidding Films – Lock Seal to PP Only
LFO-120PP x .0015 (472 KB)
LFO-120PP x .002 (141 KB)
LFO-120BXP (115 KB)
LFO-ACP (140 KB)
Lidding Films – Lock Seal to PET Only
LFO-4AP (100 KB)
LFO-6AP (164 KB)
LFO-6APET (165 KB)
Lidding Films – Lock Seal to HDPE Only
LFO-160HD (115 KB)
Multi-Purpose Films
LAM-175 (162 KB)
LAM-25 (162 KB)
HB-25EV (162 KB)
HB-25 (99.1 KB)
HB-35 (99.1 KB)
MHB-15 (139 KB)
MHB-25 (139 KB)
WHB-25 (162 KB)
WHB-36 (187 KB)
FHB-33 (131 KB)
WNP-37 (188 KB)
Cosmetic/Wet Goods/Liquids
SCW-34 (140 KB)
WCW-39 (140 KB)
COS-51 (162 KB)
Hot-fill Films
HF-46 (100 KB)