Hot Needle Micro Perforation

Golden Eagle offers hot needle micro-perforation for all types of flexible packaging. Our state of the art LaserPin, Star 2 Hot Needle Micro-perforation unit is fully automated and computer controlled, using a heating system that is segmented into three compartments of infrared lamps, for maximum temperature uniformity. The result of this advanced technology is consistent, uniform perforations every time.

This unit is capable of perfing numerous flexible packaging materials, including coextruded films, custom film laminations, or raw materials such as BOPP, PET, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, CPP, BON, mPET, Foil, PVDC, and many more.

Our micro-perforations are precision controlled and can range from very small (0.15mm) to larger (1mm) holes. Our perforations can be made in strips on a certain area of the film or we can perforate the entire web. We offer many different patterns of perforations to choose from. Typically, perforation patterns are measured by the number of perforations per in² (P). For example, a P8 pattern has 8 holes per in2.

Some products, such as cut fruit and vegetables require high breathability or OTR’s to extend their shelf life and customizing a certain perforation pattern can achieve that.

Micro-perforations can also be used to vent the steam from a package that is being heated in the microwave. This can be accomplished in the form of a finished bag or a lidding film.

There are many different uses for micro-perforations, including:

  • Fruits – Pears, Mangos, Kiwi, Plums, Grapes, Peaches, Nectarines, Tomatoes
  • Vegetables – Spinach, Lettuce Mixes, Brussel Sprouts, Sugar Snap Peas, Cabbage, Beans
  • Boil in Bag (rice, spices, frozen fish)
  • Steam ventsAdvantages of Macro-Perforation
  • Pies/Pastries
  • Pizza Products
  • Burrito Film
  • Pet Foods
  • Supplements and Powders
  • Chemical Packaging
  • Ready Made Meals
  • Cut Flowers

Whatever your perforation needs, let Golden Eagle Extrusions, Inc. custom tailor a solution for you.